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DeltaCraftArk FAQs

No, a wipe of the server is not planned.

Playing on our server for weeks or even months is wanted and possible.

Farming/harvesting is x10. Taming x20, Breeding x0.1

That’s enough to build up quite fast without getting too much which can become pretty boring after a while.

Please note that clamp harvest damage is activated.

No, we don’t replace lost or deleted items or dinos. Even if it is not the fault of the affected player e.g. server crash or restart (due to mod update) during a boss fight.

The only exception is made when the loss was caused explicitly by an admin e.g. accidentally or unlawfully deletion of a base.

DeltaBucks is our virtual currency that can be exchanged for DeltaBuck Packages on our shop.
DeltaBucks can be obtained by creating an Xbox live group post & inviting players to the game.

How voting works is explained in the FAQ under ‘Voting‘.

A list with our voting rewards can be found here: voting rewards

Players have an option to buy DeltaBucks in our DeltaBuck shop once you complete the self-checkout process.

DeltaBucks deposit automatically in your  Account Reward Balance after processing is completed.

Yes, we grant our community a certain say, so our players can make suggestions, e.g. which mod they’d like to have.

We’ll take a closer look at those mods, given there’s a deep interest by the community and they seem a good addition in terms of gameplay and balancing.

If a mod is shortlisted we’ll test it on our test server to ensure compatibility and absence of errors. 

The mod will be accepted if all required criteria are fulfilled.

Additional suggestions and critique is considered e.g. feedback about various server/mod settings and is changed in the interest of the community if that change means a reasonable and positive effect on the gameplay and fun.

Huge changes are synchronized with the community by polls. That way our players have the possibility to shape the game server they are playing on to a certain extent.

We’re currently using Structure Plus (S+), Platform Plus, Custom Craftable, Resource Stacks 2000x, Auto Lock.

DeltaCraftArk is, apart from our many and loyal players, staffed by One owner, One server admins and One developer, whereby some people undertake several duties. But generally speaking:

  • Owner restarts the server as needed, take care of the integration and settings of e.g. mods, forum functions, bug fixing and perform player support.
  • Server admins take care of support requests (tickets) and help players in the game. Furthermore, they give feedback and help owners to adjust server settings and are also a mediator between players.
  • The developer is responsible for the development, adjustment, and integration of software solutions, e.g. plugins in our forum, or external tools that access databases such as Discord, DeltaBucks, and the Website.

As described under ‘DeltaBucks’ you can earn DB by creating an Xbox live group post and invite players. For every post you will receive 1DeltaBuck, so you can earn 9DB each day.

To keep the DeltaCraftArk servers running they have to be paid of course. 🙂