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DeltaCraftArk Server Wipe

It was a good session DeltaCraftArkers! I really enjoyed hosting, and being an admin for everyone on the server. Today marks the end of session one, this will be our last PVP weekend. Monday @ 12 AM will be a fresh server wipe on all servers, people may hate me but it’s the best decision for the servers. PvP weekend will be extended to Monday!

For those who fought to the end, you’re the champions! Please remember you always have an ark home here, no admin abuse, no server worries at all!

Monday 12 AM All Servers Wipe.
DeltaCraftArk will server wipe every three months.

For those who donated recently, will receive a DeltaBuck coupon based on how much they donated. Deltabucks in your deltacraftark account will STAY in your account.

Thanks to all DeltaCraftArk Supporters you’re amazing! Until next time Crafters.



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