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Q: I have a problem to use the cheat. How can I solve it?
A: Check & Follow here at first. Most of the problems can be solved by the below link.
“Read before when you use cheat”

Q: Where can I buy it?
A: go to our website, and click “Buy Hacks“, you can add any hack into your cart. You can buy a 1-day key for each cheat.

Q: I have bought key. where is it?
A: Check your PayPal e-mail address. there will be mail to you upon approval by a staff member. Please contact using the “CHAT WITH US”.

Q: Where can I download the cheat?
A: Please check your email to download your hack.

Q: Is this cheat safe??? Is this undetected?? Is this working now???
A: If the cheat is written in “Working” on “Cheat Status” article, it means that the cheat is not detected at that moment.
But you can get a manual or report ban if you are too rage with cheats. So do not to rage even you want to do that.

Q: What is “Magic Bullet”?
A: If you use magic bullet, the bullet will follow the enemy like a guided missile. So it makes easier to rage & dominate the game

Q: What is “Fight Mode”?
A: If you turn it on, Item ESP & Vehicle ESP will be disabled instantly. So you can focus on the engagement with the enemy.

Q: What is the BEST cheat?
A: We are selling various cheats and you can choose it with your play style. Each cheat has its own strength so read carefully cheat information at here.