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Official Statement Regarding H.O.D Gaming and Game Exploits

This is what WildCard Has to say.

Providing a fair, fun, and safe environment for everyone is something we take very seriously here at Wildcard.  Building an enforcement team was the first step to making sure that people can enjoy ARK without fear of cheating.  Since the introduction of the enforcement team, we’ve noticed a considerable improvement in the overall quality of life of those playing on our official servers. In severe situations, like someone meshing or duping or spreading information related to such, our first instinct is to try and take action with the intention of preserving the integrity of our official server network.  

When someone is banned as a result of our Code of Conduct, there is an appeal process that allows for a fair review of the situation. There are always two sides to every story and we want to remain impartial and hear both. Any issue that violates our Code of Conduct is subject to a fair appeal process. When things land in the gray area, our first instinct is to do whatever is in our power to prevent abuse. Upon further review of the situation involving H.O.D Gaming, we felt that it was not deserving of a permanent ban. Videos showing exploit techniques are admittedly a gray area when it comes to enforcement, which is just one of the reasons why the appeal process exists for bans.

Several changes each patch are aimed at fixing exploits but the methods that are used are continually evolving; as such, we are always trying to improve our procedures when it comes to situations that affect the player-base.  We use these situations to take a look at our internal process and identify areas where we can do better or provide more clarification.

There are established methods for escalating exploits to the development team that exist to prevent the spread of information to the general public.  The more widely known an exploit is, the more likely it is to be exploited. In these instances you should file your report on the SurviveTheARK website.  You can find the link to report abuse or bugs under the support header.

We want to make sure that everyone can enjoy their experience on our official network and will continue to take exploit matters seriously.  As always, we value community feedback and encourage you to share it with us. Thanks for your continued support and passion for the game!



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